A Special Day 4/14/17


Last night was April 14, 2017. That means that today is Saturday the 15th. And tomorrow is the 16th, tomorrow is Easter. Yesterday was Good Friday. On Good Friday April 14th, 2017 I was finally and officially baptized and it was the best experience in my life time. It all started out with my 3 friends always asking me and inviting me to go to this high school youth group at their church. And every time I was never able to make it because I have to work on Wednesday which is when the youth group is. So good Friday rolls around and my friends tell me that the church that holds the youth group on Wednesday is having a Good Friday service that Friday. So I saw my opportunity and I took it. I went to the service.

Some of you may or may not know, but yes I am a believer and a follower. One day to become a leader. They always say that God has a plan, and it turns out that He really does. I went to the event that night. I met some really amazing people there, people who were so very happy just to be around other people. Everyone was playing games and they seemed like normal people just having a good time. Who says a godly person cant have a good time? Haha.

The service soon started and it started out with a blast. We all walked into the church and people were lined up on each side of the aisle giving us high fives as we made our way in. Their were colorful lights, and the stage just looked so amazing. And upbeat music was playing so loud!! My friend always said “when you walk in, you’re walking into a club.” Oh boy! Was she right! the service part was so amazing. There were heartfelt testimonies and videos of inspiration. The worship team was down right amazing it made you want to dance. May I add, the worship team was all high school and college students! The night went on and there was a big wooden cross and the pastor said “nail on this cross everything that you want to let go,” and so I wrote down and nailed down everything that I wanted to let go and nailed it to that cross.

The pastor got up on stage and announced baptisms, and I was so happy because I’ve always wanted to get baptized so that was my moment. He said “what ever your wearing that’s what your getting baptized in.” Everyone went outside and got ready to be baptized. It was soon my time to go ahead and hop into the tank. I sat down in the cold water and the pastor asked me why I was getting baptized, and I said “I used to be a drug addict and I just wanted to make it official and to leave that kind of life behind me.” And he told me that no drug could ever give me the high like Jesus can. And then he asked me if I accept Jesus as my lord and my savior and I said yes and then I held my nose and he put me under the water in the tank baptizing me. It was just an amazing experience.

I walked down from the tub shivering. And honestly, I felt like a new born child who was just born into the night. It was the most beautiful experience ever and I would never forget it.


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